Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Call me Ishmael

OK, so this is not a cappuccino review (more are coming, I swear... I'm just way, way behind on my blogging. But some articles are in the works.)

Anyway, my film has started screening around at festivals - mostly in the midwest and south. And the following mini-review appeared on the Pegasus News website as part of a preview of the upcoming Dallas Video Festival, where my film will be screening on November 9. And... well... it cracked me up. So I had to share...

"The Perfect Cappuccino (screening Sun. at 10:30 a.m.) serves up 90 minutes of creamy caffeinated goodness as filmmaker Amy Ferraris chronicles her obsession with a beverage that has led her by the taste buds from Bologna, Italy to Tulsa, Oklahoma in search of - you guessed it - the perfect cappuccino. Amy's documentary plays like the Moby Dick of coffee house culture - and guess which white whale stands to receive a good harpooning? After presenting us with a primer on the history of espresso and the variables in play during cappuccino creation (hint: it's all about the barista), Amy dives into her more challenging subject matter: why is it that Americans are so enraptured with Starbucks? She presents her theory that we, as a coffee-drinking nation, are entering into the "third wave" of coffee culture, defined as: 1. Folgers, 2. Starbucks and 3. Independent, quality-conscious coffee bars that foster community while dispensing deliciously-addictive coffee beverages."

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! (Why does the phrase "90 minutes of creamy caffeinated goodness" make me feel dirty? If I wasn't worried about winding up in the porn section of the video store, I would totally make that a review quote on the DVD packaging.)

Also, I love how this reviewer gives me credit for coming up with the "third wave" idea. HUH?? I don't take credit for that idea! That's not "my" theory! Somebody got up to get some popcorn at the wrong moment.

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