Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Listen Up

So I just got back from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I spent a few days shooting at DoubleShot Coffee (a.k.a. my spiritual home). Obviously, obviously, obviously I have much more to say about DoubleShot, as it is the place where my interest in good coffee meets my interest in community and American consumer culture. It's also the place where my good friend - coffee-roasting superhero Brian Franklin - plies his trade. (Brian has been known to occasionally post smartass comments on this blog. And he even has a blog of his own, which is ostensibly about coffee but occasionally strays to deal with ultramarathons and mysterious bird deaths.) In any case, I'm sure I will have LOTS to say about DoubleShot in the coming days (or weeks. I'm slow and over-stressed right now. And pretty sure nobody is reading this anyway. So forgive me.)

But in the meantime, I wanted to post a link to Brian's coffee podcast, AACafe, which I had the pleasure of co-hosting while I was there. This is a particularly good one, because it raises some questions about whether or not we should be holding third wavers to a higher standard than the commodity coffee giants. (My opinion? YES.) And it features a number of doubleshot regulars as guest commentators. Good times!

PS - you can also find AAcafe on iTunes. I'm just a dumdum with all this new-fangled, fancy-pants "technology" stuff, and I have no idea how to link to iTunes. So go there yourself and do a podcast search for AAcafe and check out episode 40 (and all the other fabulous episodes too, while you're at it.)

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