Saturday, May 26, 2007


A follow-up to THE MEMO

So... in response to Howard Schultz's soul-searching memo from last February, John Moore - a former Starbucks marketing exec and current marketing consultant/blogger (who was kind enough to sit still and be interviewed for my film) - has collected a series of comments and advice about what Starbucks should do to get back to its former glory. The results are interesting. There's some wacky stuff in there, but a lot of it simply suggests that Starbucks should start caring about coffee quality...


I found page 25 of the article interesting. It's all about making their baristas celebrities, but I was reading it and I remembered something in SeƱor Franklin's podcast about a Starbucks barista making latte art and getting fired for it because it was taking business away from the other Starbucks in town. Funny stuff.
For the story of how Jeremy Tooker got fired from Starbucks for pouring latte art, check out the first few minutes of AAcafe, episode 42. It's a perfect example of how Starbucks' official position is to prioritize consistency over quality. If Howard Schultz is still wondering where the "theatre and romance" went, here's one answer for him.

(Jeremy later went on to co-found Ritual Coffee Roasters.)
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