Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I love this!

In the past few weeks, I've come across two really interesting sets of photos of coffee under a microscope. They both had me exclaiming out loud in fascination - and, in some cases, disgust - in my kitchen.

were taken with an ordinary microscope.

(And be sure to click through to the 2nd page for sequential images of a Bolivian coffee as it roasts.)

And these were taken with a scanning electron microscope. The idea was to compare the shape of the grounds that come out of various grinders. (Those guys at are NOT messing around.) The findings are really interesting too: rounder particles and more fines from the conical burr grinders. Their next question: does particle shape impact taste in any way?

I love that there's someone out there with access to an electron microscope who's enough of a coffee geek to do this.

Wow, an interesting premise for a film! Speaking as a former addict, my favorite cappucino was at Biba's in Sacramento. The owner, Biba Caggiano, is Italian and she knows how to get it right!

I'll be watching out for your film!

Grace (the other one)
Nice to hear from you, Grace! (although I'm sorry to hear the bad news that you are a FORMER addict.) I'll be sure to check out Biba's next time I find myself passing through Sacramento...
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